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ANZAC Day 2022

Despite the likelihood of rain, both the march and dawn service at Pelican and the march and service at Belmont went ahead. Lovely to have the full chance to show our respect. Some of...


Sirius Cup 2022

At first there was light rain, followed by torrential rain (OMG Ethan, what have you done!). The canoeing was cancelled due to poor water quality. All sounds a bit depressing really! shows some...


Days of rain… and then a bike ride!

Postponed from last week and then lots of rain… but tonight we got to ride around Lake Macquarie again. It was wet and eventful but heaps of fun! We *should* have paid more attention...


Cycling around the lake’s edge

We went for a ride from Eleebana to Speers Point and back. We just finished packing the bikes on to the cars when the rain (and then thunder and lightning) started ๐Ÿ™‚ Great timing!...


Night hike on Dean’s Walk

We hiked through the trees to the sandhills, where we cooked our sandwiches and then hiked back. We invited the Joeys as Dingo was caught at work and one brave guy brought his mum...


Night ride on gravel

We rode our bikes from Jewell’s crossing to Belmont South, partly along the Fernleigh Track and then on gravel roads until we emerged in Belmont South. We took a small detour to see what...


ANZAC Day 2021

This year was still a little bit different because of COVID but had some special moments all the same ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for making the effort. Lest we forget.

Bike riding and cake

We rode from Eleebana to Booragul, starting in the daylight and finishing in the dark. One final surprise awaited Akela – a lovely birthday cake in the park with guitar-accompanied singing. Thanks Grandma Chil...


Cubs@home – Episode 1 (Updated)

So, we can’t meet at the Scout Hall at the moment so we’re working on being able to get together via video hookup …but we’re not there yet. Instead, I’m going to briefly describe...