Sirius Cup 2022

At first there was light rain, followed by torrential rain (OMG Ethan, what have you done!). The canoeing was cancelled due to poor water quality. All sounds a bit depressing really! shows some of our neighbours going to the toilets!

The boys and Jeebi made the most of it though, hiking to Rocky Point, playing beach cricket, an extra hike up to Georges Heights Gun Battery and some jetty jumping. Joseph and Flynn took on the canoe marathon (first time we’ve entered!) and did really well after a dubious start.

Sunday brought the rowing competition. Flynn took on the solo Scout race which ended up commendably close given the different boats in use. Chil, amazingly, won the solo leader race (very Steven Bradbury!) and then the Scouts took out the multi-oar Scout race! By that stage we’d torn the main rowlock mounts out of Gooses and it became our turn on struggle street. Still, one of our most successful rowing competitions ever.

Thanks to the boys for being really resilient given the early conditions and always helpful. Super proud of them all!

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