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Bike riding and cake

We rode from Eleebana to Booragul, starting in the daylight and finishing in the dark. One final surprise awaited Akela – a lovely birthday cake in the park with guitar-accompanied singing. Thanks Grandma Chil...


Cubs@home – Episode 1 (Updated)

So, we can’t meet at the Scout Hall at the moment so we’re working on being able to get together via video hookup …but we’re not there yet. Instead, I’m going to briefly describe...


Night Ride with Woody

We went for a bike ride from Jewells Crossing to Belmont South partially along the Fernleigh Track and then over the gravel roads to Cold Tea Creek. We saw the WWII tank defences, saw...


Sausages with crunch!

The Cubs took their Dads, Grandpas, cousins and brothers into the sandhills for a hike and some beautifully toasted sausages. The addition of a sandy crumb was just for added crunch!


Whale watching

This was better than watching Chil swim! Similar, but better.


Night hikes are the best

For food reasons, we met at the hall and then drove to Jewell’s crossing. We hiked into the dunes only a short distance before lighting some camp fires and cooking sandwiches on the coals.


Absolute Gold!

The Cub camp of a lifetime! We followed Akela to Sovereign Hill (Ballarat) to explore the famous history of gold mining in the area. Firstly, we flew from Williamtown to Melbourne and then took...