Cubs@home – Episode 1 (Updated)

So, we can’t meet at the Scout Hall at the moment so we’re working on being able to get together via video hookup …but we’re not there yet. Instead, I’m going to briefly describe a small project that I put together last night and tested today. We’re going to build a small raft that we can test in a bucket of water. This idea came from (see the teeny tiny twig rafts).

To start with you’ll need some sticks that you can probably find in your yard. I used 6 longer ones and 2 shorter pieces as the cross-bars. You’ll also need some string and some bits of cork (or you could use packing foam).

Tie the longer pieces to the cross-bars however you can, although try to use a clove hitch to start and end your lashing ( On my raft, I then tied a cork to hold up the mast and sail.

I’m not going to tell you everything – you need to use your brains to work this out (especially since I can’t supply you with the materials, so you’ll need to adapt the design to what you can get). Try to do it yourself, although you should get advice from your parents once you’ve got a plan together. What ever you do, don’t let your mum or dad build it! Make them build their own and judge which one is best 🙂

Here’s a video of the testing of my raft – spoiler alert, it didn’t work perfectly the first time!

I did take a photo of it about an hour later to show that it was still floating but when I looked at it on the computer, you couldn’t see much 🙁 I promise, it hadn’t sunk any further than what is shown in the video.

So, build yourself a raft and either take some photos or a little video of it (get someone to video you testing it if you want to be famous). Have fun!

UPDATE: Below are some of the photos that have come in.

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