Absolute Gold!

The Cub camp of a lifetime! We followed Akela to Sovereign Hill (Ballarat) to explore the famous history of gold mining in the area. Firstly, we flew from Williamtown to Melbourne and then took our 12 seater bus to Ballarat (and an excellent dinner at Schnitz). Over the following two days we went on several mine tours, watch steam engines, rode on a horse-drawn dray, watched as the Red-coats fired their rifles, explored old houses and schools, panned for gold, watched gold being smelted and so much more. Dinner on Saturday night was amazing and the Aura show afterwards was spectacular! On Monday we travelled back to Melbourne where we visited the science museum Scienceworks where, again, there was too much to see. Finally we flew home and were treated to a close-up view of the cockpit when we arrived home. Thanks to Mark and Daniel for coming with us but especially to Akela for organising such an amazing trip!

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